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Mission Statement: "of Online Advertising"

Exclusive, high quality ad space on the official websites for Stock Exchanges, major Publishers and TV Networks and Financial Portals.

We deliver our clients message directly to their target Audience, mainly business elites and decision makers, for maximum impact and Brand exposure.

Stock Exchange Advertising is a Brain Child of ImageMaker Inc.

ImageMaker has been servicing Public companies for the last 18 years.

Many of our clients are Fortune 500 and Large Cap Public companies from the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and Australia.

ImageMakers main focus is Digital Media Creation, Branding, TV Commercials and Online Advertising,for Public Companies mainly within the Mining, Oil & Gas and Alternative Energy Industries as well as Merchant Banks and Venture Capital Companies.

As the focus of advertising is shifting from traditional media such Print Ads and TV Spots to Online advertising on high traffic websites, we are actively working to expand our reach in new media and digital marketing.

Currently we have about 200 active clients, all of which are public companies looking to get their brand in front of their target audience groups in order to build trust, credibility and brand awareness, create support for their projects and drive more traffic to their websites.

Our distribution Network covers the Top 2% to 4% of the highest earning individuals globally

In order to offer our clients the best service possible, we have negotiated various advertising rates with many key Stock Exchange Websites and major, well-known Online and TV networks.

This carefully chosen network of high quality distribution channels will allow our clients (Public Companies) to get their message to their target audience with minimum efforts, strategically reaching business elites and wealthy Individuals across different continents.

Trusted Partner "you can count on us."

In todays very fragmented marketplace, it is important to work with a trusted partner who knows the Public Market and Advertising space.

The ImageMaker platform and its team can be your trusted partner to help your Public Company achieve its short and long-term marketing and advertising objectives.

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