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Focused Niche Market Approach

We strategically narrowed down our focus to only one segment of the advertising market (Publicly Listed companies trading on major Stock Exchanges), allowing us to learn everything about our clients, their target audience groups, what they read and watch and how they make their educated buying decisions.

We only concentrate on 2% to 4% of the total population, the prime target market, consisting of the highest earning C-Suite Executives and Boards of Directors of Public companies.

Our focused approach provides a powerful platform for reaching this wealthy audience in a highly effective and efficient manner.

Custom Designed Media Planning and Buying

Stock Exchange Advertising is a service-driven media planning and buying company that delivers consistent, effective results for our clients.

We approach each client's marketing challenges as a unique challenge and we will deliver the best possible results.

Exceptional Service

Service drives everything we do. Stock Exchange is structured to ensure that high-level management is involved in our client's day-to-day business.

Day-to-day communication is handled by senior staff and supported by experienced and knowledgeable department managers.


Our seasoned and well educated team has successfully worked with Fortune 500 and large Cap Public companies across 4 continents for the last 18 Years.

We learned from the Best

We had the pleasure to work with and for the best and the brightest Investor Relations Managers and Marketing Directors of large Public Companies. We know how to work with and for them and we have learned a lot from them in return, making us experts in the industry.

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