Mike Shahrokni B.Sc., Civil Engineer
Managing Director

As the founder of ImageMaker Inc. Mike identified the true Business Communication | Marketing needs of the Resource Industry from the start, from which he build a unique, one of a kind, company.

Mike’s profound understanding of the technical, financial, corporate and sociopolitical characteristics of the Resource and Renewable Energy Industry Mike laid the foundation for ImageMaker’s unique Audio | Visual Productions and Business Communication and Marketing Campaigns. Mike’s gift for innovation and his knowledge and expertise in Strategic Online Advertising and Communication put ImageMaker at the forefront of offering 21st Century Communication | Marketing Services. With great vision and never finished exploring and developing, Mike is the driving force in keeping ImageMaker’s Services up to date and unique.

Dominique van der Meer Mohr B.A. Photographic Design
Producer, Executive Artistic Director

As a Producer, Dominique puts high quality demands on all ImageMakers Communication and Marketing Services. As the Executive Creative Director, Dominique is responsible for story, visual and strategic communication concept development and the overall quality and effectiveness of all ImageMakers Audio|Visual Productions. On a daily bases she is the Production Designer of ImageMakers Audio|Visual Productions and gives Artistic Direction to a diverse team of Artists and Designers.

Dominique started her career in 1986 as a Photojournalist and Conceptual Photographer in Europe after receiving a BA in Arts from the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, The Netherlands. For ten years, she traveled extensively, shooting photo documentaries and news photography for press agencies and magazine & newspaper publications.

For five years, Dominique was an accredited Parliamentary Photographer for the Dutch Parliament. In Canada, she broadened her horizon with Film Direction and Production, 3D Animation, Script and Journalistic Writing, and New Media/Graphic Design, and worked in the Film Industry as a Stills Photographer.

Nicole Proctor
Production Coordinator, Creative Team Manager, Assistant to the Artistic Director

As the Production Coordinator for the Production & Design Department, Nicole works closely with the Artistic Director to ensure that productions run smoothly and achieve top quality within budget and deadlines.

For ImageMakers on-location video productions, Nicole is key in arranging crew, equipment, travel, logistics, shooting schedules. Savvy with digital media technology, experienced in working in creative environments, and aware of how solid project management contributes directly to overall quality, makes Nicole a valuable member of the ImageMaker team.

Years of working at the Vancouver Film School have given Nicole the skills to support ImageMakers team, while liaising with outside contractors such as writers, cinematographers and film crews.

3D Animation Team

ImageMakers 3D Animation team are trained in creating technically accurate animations that are built from original geological, architectural, AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and MapInfo data.

Each are skilled in animation, modeling, rigging, lighting, texturing, and camera.

Combining technical accuracy with refined animation and camera work, our 3D Animation team are able to realistically visualize your project.

Lori Everett
Content Specialist / Creative Writer

Lori has worked in corporate communications for more than two decades. Career highlights include interviewing people from various walks of life from psychics to subject-matter experts to CEOs, script writing and video production, and helping clients create or improve their content -for print, web, broadcast or live events. Lori’s approach to writing is simple: Give the audience a unique and worthwhile experience in a clear and compelling way.

Shapur Shahrokni BA Multi Media
Manager of Web Designers and Programmers Team

Shapur graduated from the University of Berlin, Germany in Corporate and Business Communications and Audio/ Visual Communications. He then went on to study at Design Academy Berlin (in Germany) taking courses in Multimedia and Interactive Media and graduated as Project Manager for Interactive Media.

Shapur then moved to the Rotterdam, Netherlands where he studied C++ Programming. After which he studied Computer Networking and Systems Administration in The Hague Netherlands.

Shapur has worked in many different web and interactive projects as an independent employee, and has work in the Audio/Visual and Internet department in the Amnesty International Netherlands.He was instantly promoted to Web Distribution and Broadcasters Management of Video Archive Ad lib and Adam (Online Digital Archive Amnesty International), pilot service of queries Amnesty International sections, broadcasters and independent programmers.

Anthony Perzel
Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Script Writer

With more than 30 years’ experience as Producer, Director and Camera Operator, Anthony’s work has aired on National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, International Festivals, NY, Columbus International Film Festival, International Wildlife Film Festival, Knowledge Network, National Educational Media and the National Film Board of Canada.

For ImageMaker Anthony has been the DOP for on-location video shoots since 2005. Anthony knows the mining industry like no other and is very comfortable shooting anywhere from underground mines to Aerials from a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft’s. Anthony’s long term shooting experience in the remote American Areas and the North of Canada has given him great knowledge and affiliation with different Native Canadian and American Tribes.

Eric Davies
Location Sound Recordist

With 30 years experience worldwide and numerous awards to his credit, Eric is one of Canada’s most requested Documentary Sound Recordists. A shortlist of numerous achievements include his work for Imperial Oil (Canada), Mohawk Oil, the British Columbia Government, Shell Canada, Sony (America) and many banking institutions.

His work has aired on CTV, BBC, FOX, PBS, NBC and Japan’s Asahi News. In 2000 Eric was nominated for a Gemini Award, Best Documentary Sound for his outstanding “Living in a Great Big Way”. In 2001, he was again nominated for a Gemini Award, Best Documentary Sound for his work on “The Salmon Forest”.

As ImageMakers #1 Sound Recordist, Eric has joined the Video Team several times on shoots, in Canada, South America, the US and Africa since 2007.

Neil Thompson
Video Editor

Over 29 years experience and an exceptional eye for detail, have given Neil the unique ability to take rough cut productions and polish them to an award winning finish. Neil has worked extensively in all aspects of post-production, winning several awards.

His inspired editing has aired on Animal Planet (US), CBC, Discovery Channel, the History Channel, CTV and Vision TV. From Documentaries and Dramatic Series to Feature Presentations and Music Videos, Neil’s passion for perfection shows through in his own distinctive editing style.

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